In the field hut used to monitor precursor events prior to the cavity collapse at Cerville-Buissoncourt (NE France, 2009).  © BRGM


A selection of topics of interest to researchers on the BRGM website is given below.

Scientific research

Understanding surface and sub-surface phenomena

The aim of the BRGM’s scientific research is to understand phenomena related to the Earth’s surface and sub-surface, to address global changes.

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Flagship projects

Projects in all fields of the geosciences

Read about some of the BRGM’s flagship projects in its different areas of activity.

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BRGM scientific results

Scientific resources on line

The BRGM’s scientific results are disseminated in particular through its scientific publications and public reports, which may be consulted on line.

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Geoscience data and services

See the BRGM’s geological data products

BRGM works with different digital technologies to deliver geological and environmental data to users.

Find out about the BRGM’s databases, websites, mobile apps and more…

BRGM publications

Books and geological maps

To contribute to the dissemination of scientific knowledge, BRGM publishes a unique range of geological maps and books through its “BRGM Editions” branch.

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Scientific software

A range of software developed for the geosciences

BRGM has developed a range of software for application in geoscience fields, now used in 65 countries.

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BRGM involvement in the “Investing for the Future” programme

Projects to address energy and environment challenges

Under the French “Investing for the Future” programme, BRGM is involved in some twenty projects addressing energy and environment challenges.

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BRGM, a Carnot Institute

BRGM, a Carnot Institute for research partnerships

The BRGM’s “Carnot Institute” label recognises its performance in partnership-based research with businesses.

Working with BRGM as a Carnot Institute
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