A cleft in Antelope Lower Canyon, forming what is known as a slot canyon (Arizona, USA). © Joe Cornish/Digital Vision/Getty Images

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Managing soils: creation of a European research agenda

The European INSPIRATION project, in which the BRGM is a partner under the Horizon 2020 programme, has created a strategic research agenda on managing soils and land use in Europe.

BRGM signs a MOU with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

On April 10th 2018, BRGM signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a Department of Energy Office of Science lab managed by University of California.

Launch of Closurematic: a digital system to support post-mining management

The BRGM is partnering Closurematic, a 3-year project launched in February 2018 to develop a digital system to improve mine closure performance.

Waves and sea-level rise: new research results

Sea-level rise varies with the contributions of waves, which are governed in turn by inter-annual to multi-decadal timescales. This result is presented in a study in which the BRGM was involved.

Risks: BRGM partnership agreement renewed with the University of Kyoto

The BRGM and the University of Kyoto have renewed their partnership agreement on risk prevention for a further five years.

PanAfGeo programme: 231 African geologists trained in 2017

PanAfGeo, a 3-year pan-African programme of unprecedented scale and ambition, was launched in 2017 to train 1200 geologists from 54 African countries. The first results are highly encouraging.

The BRGM Awards

In 2018, for the first time, the BRGM awarded prizes for outstanding results achieved by staff and teams of the BRGM Group.

Partnership agreement between BRGM and CEREMA

The BRGM and CEREMA signed a framework partnership agreement on 16 February 2018, mainly on seismic risks, gravity risks and geothermal applications.


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